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brushable polyurea coating


Elongation, % 60%
Tear strength, psi 310
Remains flexible in temperature range of
-45°F to 0°F
1000g 1000 rev CS-17 < 5 mg.
Flash Point, Components > 0°F
Flexibility Testing > 160 in-lbs
(1/32" steel panels)
Gardner Impact Direct and Indirect
Moisture Vapor Transmission 0.025 perm
Abrasion Resistance (wt. loss mg)
ASTM D 4060
1000g 1000 rev H-18 0mg.
Color Medium Gray - Stock Color
(White, Black, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Beige, Brick Red,
Safety Yellow by special order minimum quantities
Bond Strength
Concrete 375 psi
Steel 1,750 psi
Wood 0 psi
(Wood delamination)
Steel Surfaces - Prepare in accordance with Surface Preparation SSPC-
SP6 to SP10 near-white metal blast cleaning. All work blasted should be coated the same day.
Recommended primer on steel is Honest Product -Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer.
New concrete - remove laitance by acid etching, abrasive blasting or water blasting. Old concrete -
abrasive blast or water blast to remove laitance and contamination.
Polyurea - Less than three days old solvent wipe and apply HJ-819; if more than 3 days old
roughen surface with abrasive sanding. Solvent Wipe with Acetone or MEK and apply.
Project Conditions: Surface must be structurally sound, dry, and uncontaminated. Concrete must be
free of voids, bugholes, honeycombs and delaminations.
MIXING: HJ-819 is a plural component polyurea system. Equal volume parts of the Part A resin and Part B hardener
should be mixed in small 1 pint batches. Always add the Part B hardener to the Part A resin.
HJ-889 may be applied by brush, roller or squeegee. Concrete surfaces shall be primed with
HJ-810 Primer. Apply HJ-819 to achieve the required mil thickness with 50% overlaps.
Aggregate broadcast may be applied if non-skid surface is required.
HJ-819 can be applied at temperatures from 35°F to 1°F. Apply to achieve the required mil thickness with 50%
PACKAGING: HJ-819 is packaged as a 2 gallon unit and 10 gallon unit.
LIMITATIONS: HJ-819 is an alphatic based polyurea system. Consult chemical resistant chart for corrosive
environment applications. Do not install in hydrostatic or moisture/vapor conditions.
SHELF LIFE: Six months minimum when stored at 75°F and dry conditions. HJ-819, like most construction
materials, must be stored in a dry, well protected and suitable storage environment. Keep containers sealed.
CAUTION: Contains aliphatic isocyanates. Avoid breathing vapors. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Do not ingest. Keep
away from foodstuffs and wash thoroughly before smoking or eating. Should skin contact occur, wash skin well with soap and
water. Should eye contact occur, flush thoroughly for at least 15 minutes with water. Get medical attention.

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