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刷流水赚钱是真的吗coatings for furniture

刷流水赚钱是真的吗product specifications:

"new hd system: exclusive feiyang technologic coatings for furniture finishing ctified by independent laboratory tests the new hd system employs the very latest technology that allows you to obtain a very high level of three-dimensional reticulation of micro polymers. this guarantees a level of finish never before seen. these new coatings, aimed at manufacturers of products that require special scratch resistance, truly increase the added value of the coated product thanks to an innovative controlled structure (micro polymer system), created through research carried out in feiyang 's laboratories and developed in its own facilities. the coatings from the new hd system let you obtain exceptional resistance, surface hardness, scratch and abrasion resistance, yet leaving the surface transparency and softness unaltered. independent comparison tests were performed on the new hd system as well as for our other lines and those of our competitors: the results that emerged confirmed our highest expectations. hd system exceeds the most modern design and quality needs in all various sectors of use: from furnishings for rooms, kitchens or offices to parquet floors. hd system available only from feiyang is a complete line of transparent and colored coatings - pu, acrylics, traditional uv, water-borne uv - already available on the market in different degrees of opacity."


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