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刷流水赚钱是真的吗corrosion resistant coating

刷流水赚钱是真的吗product specifications:

advantages: one component, excellent coverage. extremely good bond to metal surfaces. excellent flexibility even in cold weather. resistant to salt spray, grease, oil and air borne chemicals, including acid rain. temperature resistant to 450 f. high-gloss with excellent reflective properties including u.v. resistant properties. the rapid drying properties permits the application of fx-415 in low temperatures. surface preparation: steel surfaces: steel surfaces should be abrasive blasted to a commercial gray metal finish as specified by the sspc sp-6. all work blasted shall be coated the same day with a zinc rich primer. physical propties: color gray and white (other colors available) viscosity 2350 cps at 72°f tack free 20 - 35 minutes voc 3.41 lb/ gal % solids wt. 67 % solids volume 50 salt spray will exceed astm b117-72 (1,000 hours) astm d-1654-79 no corrosion - rated 10 blistering astm d-714-56 - rated 10—no blistering flexibility fed. spec tt-p-115, dose not crack rate of application 6 to 12 mils with no sagging application: fx-415 corrosion resistant coating may be applied by brush, roller or spray. all spray equipment must employ traps to prevent water and oil from contaminating coating. solvents for fx-415 are mek (methyl ethyl ketone) and acetone. covage: 225 to 250 square feet in one coat. limitations: fx-415 corrosion resistant coating should not be applied when ambient temperature is below 40°f. should be applied to a dry substrate. caution: warning! flammable liquid contains xylene. avoid inhalation of vapor. use good ventilation, particularly if the material is heated or sprayed. prevent all contact with skin and eyes. wear protective clothing, goggles, gloves, and/or barrier creams. if contact with skin occurs, wash immediately with soap and water. in case of contact with eyes, flush immediately with water and contact a physician.


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