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elastomeric cement coating

刷流水赚钱是真的吗product specifications:

刷流水赚钱是真的吗advantages: fx-208 provides the following beneficial properties: pre-batched components mixes and applies easily by brush, trowel or spray good adhesion to sound substrates. impermeable increases durability non-toxic. water-based product free from hazardous solvent flexible - maintains its elastomeric properties can be applied to damp substrates in temperatures down to 40°f (5°c). whe to use: fx-208 is used for external and internal waterproofing, crack sealing, repair work and protection from frost and deleterious effects of deicing agents in the following structures: water tanks, basements, terraces and balconies, bridges, retaining walls, seal walls and small, flat roofs. fx-208 maintains its elastomeric properties even under immersed conditions. it offers excellent resistance to water penetration and carbon dioxide diffusion. physical propties: shelf life 1 year when unopened protect component ""a"" from freezing and component ""b"" from moisture. color gray mixed density 100 lbs/ft3 mixing ratio of component a: component b powder to 45 liquid by weight potlife approximately 40 minutes at 68°f approximately 20 minutes at 86°f drying time 4-6 hours depending upon temperature no. of coats required: normally two at 1mm thickness each tensile strength astm d-638 14 days 250 psi tensile elongation astm d-638 mod 14 days 45% bond strength astm c-882 14 days 820 psi hardened concrete to hardened concrete vapor permeability astm e-96 0.075 u.s. perms compressive strength astm c-570 14 days 1000 psi surface preparation: concrete, mortar and masonry surfaces must be clean, free from grease, oil and loosely adhering particles. steel and iron surfaces must be free from scale, rust, grease and oil. all surfaces must be as true and flat as possible. all surfaces must be saturated surface dry (ssd), with no standing water at time of application. mixing: the consistency of the mix can be altered by reducing the amount of component a (liquid) mixed. under normal circumstances, when the full quantities of both components are mixed together, a slurry consistency will result. for a trowelable consistency, use only 90% of the liquid. mix in a clean container by slowly adding the powder component to the liquid component and stirring with slow speed mixer (approximately 300 rpm). pour the contents of one of the bottles marked part a into a suitable mixing vessel. slowly add one of the packs marked part b and mix for a minimum of six (6)minutes until homogeneous. the modules must be mechanically mixed using a drill and paddle specially designed to entrap as little air as possible. repeat with the second containers of part a & b provided. application: while the surface is still damp from saturation with clean water, apply the first coat and leave to harden (2 to 6 hours). for slurry consistency, apply with a stiff bristled brush or broom. for trowelable mortars, use a notched trowel. after the second coat has been applied, finish by rubbing down with a soft, dry sponge. may be spray applied with hopper gun. fx-208 can be applied using spray techniques; however, brush or trowel applications may be employed. care must be taken to ensure that air is not entrapped into the surface. apply the first coat, approximately 1mm thick, onto the prepared substrate. to ensure total protection, a second coat should be applied in the same way, after waiting approximately 4-6 hours, depending on temperature (when the first coat is stable but not fully set). covage: each lbs composite pack at 40 mils thickness will cover 80-85 sq. ft. two coats always required. waterproofing up to 3.3ft. head pressure: apply at 27 sq.ft./gal. three coats may be required in areas of extremely high infiltration. curing and .: normal procedures relating to curing of cementitious products should be strictly adhered to. it is important that the surface of the coating is protected from strong sunlight and drying winds with curing membrane or polyethylene sheeting within 10-15 minutes of the completed application of the coating. important point: apply only to clean, sound substrates which should be saturated but surface-dry and free of water back pressure. care should be taken when curing in hot, sunny or windy conditions. fx-208 is not a decorative finish and may temporarily discolor until uniformly weathered. packaging: 2 gallons a component and 42.5 lbs. powder (b component). one unit (components a & b) when mixed yields 2.65 gallons. limitations: minimum ambient and substrate temperature is 45°f never apply less than 20 sq.ft. /gal. per coat protect component ""a"" from freezing. if frozen, discard. component ""b"" must be kept dry cleaning: do not allow material to harden before cleaning tools and equipment with water. hardened material can only be removed mechanically. caution: component ""a"": non-hazardous. component ""b"" - warning! contains free silica, flyash & portland cement. do not breathe dust. may cause delayed lung injury (silicosis). follow o.s.h.a. safety and health standards for crystalline silica (quartz). cement powder or freshly mixed concrete, grout or mortar may cause skin injury. avoid contact with skin and wash exposed skin areas promptly with water. if any cement powder or mixture gets into the eyes, rinse immediately and repeatedly with water and get prompt medical attention


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