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Fast Dry Coating刷流水赚钱是真的吗

 Shenzhen China Suppliers Products: Fast Dry Coating

Name: Fast Dry Coating
Data Sheet:
specification "a two-component, fast-dry, high-build polyamide epoxy formulated for quick recoat. Fast Clad FD Epoxy can be applied at 4 to 6 mils dry-film thickness at temperatures as low as 40 F. The coating is recommended for use in fabrication shops or where quick, dry-to-handle times are required such as refineries and water treatment plants. Fast Clad FD Epoxy can be recoated in three hours at 77 F for increased productivity in shop applications, including lower labor and energy costs, lower utility usage and, ultimately, faster throughput. Available in a semi-gloss finish, the low-VOC coating is chemical and abrasion resistant and can be applied to marginally prepared surfaces. Fast Clad FD Epoxy can be used on multiple substrates such as steel, galvanized metal, aluminum, concrete/masonry and concrete block, and is suitable for use in USDA-inspected facilities. The Honest Joy Chemical Coatings Division, with more than 16 years of experience in products finishing technology, serves the chemical coatings market through a China network of company-owned locations and with expanding global reach. Honest Joy broad line of low-VOC coatings, full range of technical support and just-in-time distribution capabilities allows finishers to specify quality coatings with the assurance of regulatory compliance."

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