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fire retardant wood coatings

product specifications:

after a fire starts, any reduction in the propagation of flames can be decisive in saving human lives. one of the purposes of fire retardant coatings is to reduce the rate at which the fire spreads and thereby retard it. as regards fire protection, most countries have very strict regulations concerning the performance of fire-resistant and fire-retardant coatings, especially for the treatment of bearing structures, coatings and wooden works. wood exhibits an important aesthetic importance and fire retardant coatings for wood should combine fire protection with excellent aesthetic results. ""safety performance + finish performance"". customers' requirements are not only regulation-related (compliance with law), but they are also appearance/functional-related. these are two components that since the design stage have been at the basis of feiyang 's progress towards the realisation and formulation of fire retardant coatings. when it is mandatory to conform to fire regulations, the architect/designer or authoriser issuer of the fire certificate may calculate the fire load (quantity of flammable material per square metre and relevant calorific power) for each room, assessing the class that each construction element falls into, based on emergency exits, fire fighting systems, or internal permanent safety services. protection from fire: where is it required? . public buildings . offices/factories . clubs, bars, pubs and dance halls . banks . airports and railway stations . hotels and tourist facilities . exhibition centres, meeting and fair venues . shops . schools, colleges, universities and nursery schools . auditoriums, theatres, cinemas and museums . hospitals . gyms and fitness centres . churches . civil buildings fire reaction m.d. 26/6/84 - m.d. 6/3/92 (uni 9796) - ministry of internal affairs italy fire reaction regulations divide coating and panelling related materials, as well as flooring, false ceiling, furnishing and seating surface materials, into several classes. italian regulations, one of the strictest in the eu in terms of fire reaction performance, assigns six classes. they are assigned a fire reaction class, which ranges from 0 (non-flammable) to 5 (easily flammable). in the event of a fire in a closed place, temperature reaches very high values. wooden materials start to release gases that considerably contribute to fire propagation. class 1 is the best to protect the material involved in the fire. the feiyang class 1 fire retardant systems effectively slow down fire spreading time, as they act with several mechanisms at the same time. for example, an mdf 4 mm thick panel with reaction class 4, after treatment with the feiyang fire retardant cycle, obtains the reaction class 1. our certifications were awarded by the fire department - central technical prevention and safety direction of roma capannelle. feiyang 's fire retardant products will be tested in the near future also in accordance to new european regulations (euroclass), this to allow prompt introduction on the market. wood for structural use in building the fire behaviour of load bearing wooden structures, which requires passive protection, is totally different from that of metal structures. in the event of fire, the temperature reached in a closed room is of several hundreds degrees. metal, an excellent heat conductor, at temperatures over 450º c softens and loses all mechanical resistance, and virtually ""collapses"". wood, a bad conductor, does not collapse: flames and heat carbonise it's surface, which limits the propagation of combustion to the outer layers. intumescent coatings increase such protective layer as when heated, they cause a swelling of the coating film (several centimetres) which acts as a barrier to fire. this is why wood is increasingly used in current engineering and architectural works. procedure to issue the statement of conformity (certificate of supply) at the end of the work, the painter must fill in a pre-printed form (statement of application - provided by feiyang when the order is placed). the form is used to state the use of the homologated basic weight for the specific fire retardant cycle. the filled in form shall be faxed to feiyang , which shall issue a statement of conformity, valid for 5 years. this process may vary slightly depending on the eu member state the product is in use."


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