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product specifications:

刷流水赚钱是真的吗description: fx-70 feiyang floor coating is a 100% solids, moisture-insensitive epoxy coating. fx-70 mixed at 2:1 by volume ratio, produces an excellent coating for dry or damp concrete, wood, or steel surfaces. fx-70 feiyang floor coating is available in a summer grade and winter grade formulation. advantages: can be applied to concrete, wood, or primed steel. has high gloss and is low viscosity. it does not have solvents and no solvent odor. is available in a special winter grade formulation for applications down to 35°f. whe to use: to provide a tough, chemical and abrasion-resistant floor coating on concrete, wood or steel, which is easy to clean. fx-70 feiyang floor coating has a 20 year proven track record of successful use when applied to a properly prepared substrate. fx-70 feiyang floor coating has been used for many other applications and is not limited to floors only. physical propties: standard color is gray; to produce other colors, color chips must be submitted. other colors are available. pot life @ 72°f ?2 (summer grade) 20 mins. pot life @ 72°f ?2 (winter grade) 15 mins. tensile strength (astm d 638) 5,000 ?500 psi (14 days) tensile elongation (astm d 638) 7.5% ?2.5 (14 days) compressive strength (astm c 109 mod.) 6,000 ?500 psi (7 days) viscosity by viscometer 2,000 cps surface preparation: for best results, areas to receive the fx-70 feiyang floor coating should be free of dirt, grease and heavy laitance, which will affect the bond. shot blasting, sand blasting, water blasting or wire brushing are recommended for surface preparation. when used on steel, prime first with fx-408 zinc rich primer. mixing: combine two (2) parts of component ""a"" and one (1) part component ""b"", by volume, in the quantity desired and mix fx-70 feiyang floor coating with a low speed drill and fx-mixing paddle for three (3) to five (5) minutes. avoid entrapping air while mixing. apply immediately after mixing. application: apply by brush, roller, or spray. for best results when spraying, strain material through a 60 mesh screen prior to spraying. minimum recoat time with self is 6 hours, maximum recoat is 7 days. covage: fx-70 feiyang floor coating will given an approximate coverage of 200 sq. ft./gallon at a thickness of eight (8) mils, when applied to a smooth surface; two (2) coats are recommended. coverage will decrease when applied to a rough surface. tack-free time is subject to ambient and surface temperatures. shelf life: 2 years packaging: fx-70 feiyang floor coating is packaged in three (3) gallon, fifteen (15) gallon, and 165 gallon units. caution: ""a"" component contains epoxy resin. dang! ""b"" component contains alkaline amines; strong sensitizer.may cause skin sensitization or other allergic responses. use with good ventilation, particularly if material is heated or sprayed. prevent all contact with skin or eyes. wear protective clothing, goggles, gloves and/or barrier creams. keep container closed when not in use. wash thoroughly after handling. first aid: in case of skin contact, immediately wash with soap and water. in case of eye contact, flush eyes with copious amounts of water for at least fifteen (15) minutes. remove contaminated clothing and shoes. if irritation persists, seek medical attention. wash clothing before reuse


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