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刷流水赚钱是真的吗product specifications:

Description FEIYANG - Aqua natural oil glaze is a wood glaze, based on cross-linking natural oil, airdrying and water-based. According to it's elasticity, and if used and applied workmanlike, it does not peel off. A special UV-mechanism protects the paint coat from growing old, which is shown by cracks and embrittlement. FEIYANG - Aqua natural oil glaze is free from biocides and can therefore be used inside and outside. Even if it's based on a natural oil, the drying is nearly as fast as acrylic-paints.
Binder Mixture of cross-linking natural oils
Active ingredients none
Solids 34-36%, depending on the tint
Density 1,0 kg/l
Gloss silky flat, depending on absorbency of substrate and quantity of application.
Tints / hues According to collection: Plus, Antikwood, RAL/NCS.
Packing Plastic par 1 l, 5 l, 20 l, 120 l
Storage In complete closed original packages 12 months. Not more than 30 °C. Rust-proof materials.
Consumption 80–110 g/m2, depending on condition of substrate.
Processing Brush, rolling, spray-gun. Max. 100 my per layer.
Dilution Normally no dil. Water if necessary
Wood-condition To reach a good adhesion, wood must be planed and grinded, free of grease, wax and may not contain more than 15% of moisture. The best surface is saw-rough.

Advice for use If endangered by blue stain, wood must be pre-treated with impregnation.
(FEIYANG natural oil - or FEIYANG - Aqua natural oil-impregnation). To get a
better adhesion for glaze on exotic wood, use one of these impregnations.
On new wood, outdoors:
1 x FEIYANG - natural oil impregnation or FEIYANG - Aqua - natural oil
2–3 x FEIYANG-Aqua-natural oil, coloured.
Renovation Not sticking and old paint coats must be taken off and grayed wood must be
grinded to normal wood structure. To prevent blue stain, raw places must be
treated with FEIYANG-natural oil-impregnation.
Paint system:
1x FEIYANG-natural oil-impregnation or FEIYANG Aqua natural oil impregnation.
2-3x FEIYANG-Aqua natural oil glaze, coloured. For indoors use impregnations
only in rooms with high moisture; in case of expecting blue stain.
Drying time
18-20°C bei 75%
rel. hum.
Handling after 8 hours, overworkable after 24h. depending on thickness of paint
Cleaning tools Immediately after use, clean with water. Dried glaze can not easely be cleaned by
solvents or dilutions. Try stripper liquids, and then clean with water.
Safetyadvice Read safety datasheet.
Remarks These informations are due to the current, technical know-how and are meant as
recommendation and advices. Concerning all mentioned paint coat structures we
do not maintain completeness. Because of the diversification and different kinds of
substrates and practice, the user has to test our products meanly for his own
purpose and has to use and apply them properly. For this, he is fully responsible.
Verbal advices must be fixed obligatory by a signed document. If a new issue will
be current, this edition will be no more available.

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