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glass flaked epoxy coating

product specifications:

description: feiyang -3116 glass flaked epoxy coating is a solvent free epoxy novolac coating designed for protection of concrete and metals in aggressive service. feiyang -3116 contains glass flake reinforcement and provides a tough, chemical resistant, flexible coating that is ideally suited for aggressive water service (salt, brackish). enhanced by multi functional chemistry, the feiyang -3116 is suited for acid and caustic service, and is excellent in water environments. whe to use: trenches containment vessels and dikes tank linings process area surfaces. physical propties: temperature: immersion service max. 230°f, spike to 300°f (3 hrs.) chemical resistance water alkalies norganic acids organic acids organic solvents excellent excellent very good good very good abrasion good flexibility good film thickness 15-25 mils per coat immersion 2 or 3 coats solids by volume 100% viscosity 10,000 - 15,000 cps pot life 30 min. per gallon @ 75°f mix ratio 2:1 by volume (base:activator) color gray (special order colors available) shelf life 2 years at 55-95°f, 13-35°c coverage 60-100 ft.<= per gallon per coat surface preparation: steel surfaces are to be abrasive blasted with chloride free abrasive. exterior applications to sspc sp-10 near white metal finish. immersion applications to sspc sp-5 white metal. grind flat all burrs, weld seams, radius sharp edges. fresh blasted surfaces to be primed with feiyang -3116. concrete surfaces: recommended for hand or roller application. concrete surfaces should be degreased if oil and grease contamination is present. degreased surface shall be high pressure washed, acid etched and high pressure washed again so surface is clean and free of all grease, oils and surface laitance. existing coating should be abrasive blasted to clean concrete. mixing: thoroughly mix activator into base with mixing stick or drill with low speed mixing blade. mix by volume, 2 parts ""a"" to 1 part b. mix well until uniform color. avoid entrapping air. thinning: never thin. application: brush: use medium to stiff bristle of sufficient quality that bristles do not pull out and stick in coating. trim or tape to 1"" nap. roller: use good quality 1/8"" nap. plural spray: use .023 - .032 tip, 3,000 - 3,500 psi, heat to 130°f base, 110°f activator. airless spray: not recommended. conventional spray: not recommended all spray equipment should employ traps to prevent water and oil from contaminating coating and screens to prevent particulate contamination. tempature: material—keep between 55 - 95°f (13 - 35°c). substrate—keep between 45 - 105°f (7 - 40°c). the difference in temperature of the substrate and the coating should never exceed 10°f, 5°c. cure time—brush or roller, recoat between 6 and 8 hours at 72°f, 25°c. when spraying, recoat between 5 and 8 hours. full cure before immersion 3 days at 77°f. force cure: 12 hours at 150°f, 66°c. clean-up: m.e.k. or similar warning: base contains epoxy resin. activator contains alkaline amines, a strong sensitizer. may cause skin irritation, sensitization or other allergic responses. use with good ventilation, particularly if heated or sprayed. prevent all contact with skin or eyes. wear protective clothing, goggles, gloves or barrier creams. keep containers closed when not in use. wash thoroughly after handling. in case of skin contact, immediately wash with soap and water. in case of eye contact, flush with water for 15 minutes. if irritation persists, seek medical attention


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