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刷流水赚钱是真的吗product specifications:

the new feiyang wood color plus tinting and colour matching system allows for simple, rapid and repeatable tinting of all types of wood finishes by dispensing colorants into a premixed tint base. this process is far more efficient and accurate when performed using a volumetric rather than a gravimetric dosing method. the tint bases, colorants, colorant dispenser, software and accessories that make up the wood plus system allow for the following: - formulation of accurate colour matches using corob world colour matching software and the oracolor or minolta spectrophotometer. spectrophotometers that are not connected to the system dispenser can also be used. in this case, you need only record the relevant proportions of tint bases and colorants, and then enter them manually in the computer that controls the colour matching system when a new tint is formulated. - accurate re-matching of any colour formula that the system has previously memorized. - using corob world colour matching software, formulas can be input manually by weight (grams) or volume (cubic centimeters (cc's). however, since the system is geared to volume, it is recommended that products be dispensed in cubic centimeters rather than in grams. - extremely rapid output (a 25 liter can of coating can be mixed in 1-2 minutes using a preweighed tint base). the minimum dispensed colorant quantity is 0.077 cc. products to prepare a pigmented coating, a colorant is dispensed (using a suitable dispenser) into a feiyang tint base (i.e. one that is designed to be mixed with a colorant). each type of finish has a dedicated tint base. the system consists of a sufficient number of products to allow the user to match virtually any colour by combining a specific tint base and colorant. a single type of general purpose pigmented pastes could be used to develop both water-based and solvent-based coatings. this type of pigmented pastes would ensure maximum ease of use (only one type of paste for all applications) but to the detriment of the final result because the formulation methods for universally compatible pigmented pastes have a negative impact on the quality of the pigmented finishing product. consequently, we have opted for a system that uses two different types of pigmented pastes: one for all water-based products and a second for all solvent-based products. this solution allows for the maximum level of simplicity and flexibility that is obtainable without undermining end product quality. formula database the wood color plus tinting and colour matching system, which consists of a series of converters, pigmented pastes and dispensers, allows you to match rapidly and accurately any sample card colour for all types of wood coatings. in order to make the system optimally easy to use, the system also contains a database of predefined formulas that can be called up and reproduced instantaneously. these colours come from the two most widely used colour charts in the wood industry: wood color plus ral equipment needed for the system: colorant dispens cps color (corob): the model used depends on your daily volumes of colours to be produced and the pack sizes you use. corob oracolor or minolta spectrophotomet: the spectrophotometer is indispensable for matching colour charts (without this tool only the aforementioned database formulas can be used). the oracolor or minolta units can be connected to the dispenser. if you already have a spectrophotometer, you can also formulate new colours and then save them on the dispenser pc by manually inputting the relevant amounts of converters and pigmented pastes. pc: the minimum technical requirements for the pc are as follows: 1200 mhz pentium iv cpu 256 mb ram agp 4 x video card 2 serial ports 1 parallel port 1 usb port 24x cd-rom drive monitor 20 gbyte hard drive windows xp/2000 corob world: this program allows for dispensation and formulation for users who wish to match custom/bespoke colours using the dispenser. mix: this device is used for rapid mixing (a cabo mixer is recommended). print: optional."



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