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product specifications:

刷流水赚钱是真的吗moisture & oil tolerant primers a primer for every application 100% solids & water-based primers primers for vinyl tile, steel, concrete & previously coated areas one of the most important parts of a system is the primer. good surface preparation in combination with the proper primer will insure a long-lasting system. garland offers a diverse product line of primers to meet a wide range of needs. we manufacture primers for use on concrete, vinyl tile, steel and previously coated surfaces. however, not all surfaces are the same. garland offers an oil-tolerant primer for concrete contaminated with petroleum products, a moisture-tolerant primer where moisture is found and other primers to meet our other demands. garland customizes a solution for your specific needs. this high-build primer is designed for esd applications and areas requiring a tougher, more rigid primer. the product is easily applied, and penetrates deep into the concrete. the result is a primed surface that works in conjunction with garland's esd-control coatings. it is ideal for applications involving static-sensitive products or equipment. wb (water-borne) primer this primer is ideal for applications requiring a water-based, urethane or epoxy topcoat. it provides high bond strength and good flexibility. because it is water-based, it is permeable, allowing some moisture to pass through the coating. primers for special surfaceshj-976 vinyl tile epoxy primer developed specifically for use over vinyl tile, this epoxy primer combines high strength and flexibility. it is formulated with a special curing agent that provides extra bond strength, assuring a secure bond to the tile. at the same time, its flexibility enables the primer to move with the natural flexing of the tile, so it won't loosen.hj-976 is also suitable as a primer for esd applications where a static-control coating is being applied over vinyl tile. primers for harsh conditions hj-909 oil-tolerant epoxy primer this unique, 100% reactive primer dissolves oil from the concrete, making it ideal for applications where the surface is exposed to oils from machinery or processing. the product's special formulation allows it to dissolve oil by making the oil compatible with the epoxy. as a result, it provides a superior bond to concrete in applications where oils can cause other primers to fail. hj-5012 moisture-tolerant epoxy primer in environments where moisture is present, this 100% reactive epoxy primer reacts with water at the concrete surface, allowing for a superior bond. as a result, this primer is recommended for applications where the floor has higher moisture readings (hydration or moisture transmission). static-control primers conductive black primer if a conductive floor coating is required, can be applied as a base coat before using an esd topcoat (2.5 x 104 - 106 range). it should not be used with an esd urethane topcoat hj-546 static-dissipative black primer this primer was specially formulated to be used with hj-610 slurry coating when a static dissipative floor is required. hj-546 allows garland to be flexible when designing a system to meet your needs. it is a 100% solids epoxy system.


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