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刷流水赚钱是真的吗silane penetrating sealer

product specifications:

刷流水赚钱是真的吗description: feiyang -425 silane penetrating sealer is a clear one component penetrating sealer. feiyang -425 provides excellent protection to concrete and masonry from exterior weathering, freeze/thaw cycles, and de-icing chemicals. feiyang -425 penetrates and dries to an invisible protective barrier that repels water but is permeable to water vapor: a ?reathable?sealer. feiyang -425 prevents salts from entering concrete surfaces and damaging steel reinforcements. feiyang -425 is not a coating and as a result will not discolor or affect the surface appearance. advantages: protects concrete, masonry, and wood from the damaging effects of water, weather, chloride intrusion (de-icing chemicals) and freeze/thaw cycles. deep penetration into concrete not a vapor barrier - permits concrete to breathe. does not sit on surface and change appearance or the ?kidresistant?characteristics of concrete surface helps prevent mold growth and efflorescence does not degrade from sun light. easy application by low pressure spray whe to use: feiyang -425 can be used for sealing concrete structures including, bridge decks, parking garages, dams, bulkheads, foundations, floors, precast and prestressed concrete, parapet walls, roadways, brick work, timber, wood and mortar. physical propties: color clear v.o.c. content 2.9 lb/gal solids and active ingredients by weight 40% feiyang -425, tested in accordance with nchrp report # 244, produces the following results: reduction of water absorption into concrete astm c 642 exceeds 91% reduction reduction of chloride in concrete exceeds moisture vapor permeability penetrant 100% flash point 106°f surface preparation: surfaces to receive feiyang -425 must be clean and sound and free from all oils and grease. while some moisture present in the concrete or masonry will not affect the performance of feiyang -425, the drier the surface, the deeper the penetration. the maximum moisture concrete shall not exceed 5%. clean concrete surfaces of all dust, dirt, sand, oil, grease, chemical films and coatings, and other contaminants prior to application. use water blast, sandblast, or shot blast as necessary to achieve the desired surface condition. application: stir material thoroughly before and during application. feiyang -425 should not be applied below temperatures of 40?, (substrate or ambient) or when temperatures are predicted to fall below 32? within 6 hours of application. surface, air, and material temperatures should be 40 to 110?f (4 to 43?c) during application. feiyang -425 may be applied by spray (using hand-pumped pressure sprayer), brush, roller- or dipping of masonry units. on horizontal surface pour material out then spread with rollers for even distribution. apply to saturation. for best performance: do not dilute, do not apply during inclement weather or when inclement weather is anticipated within 6 hours. to prevent damage to nearby shrubbery and landscaping, cover or protect with drop cloth. variations in the texture and porosity of the substrate will affect the coverage and performance of the product. for precise coverage rates a field trial or mockup should be performed. drying time: typical drying time for feiyang -425 is 2 hours at 70?f (21?c) and 50% relative humidity. cooler temperatures or higher relative humidity shall extend the drying time covage: apply at maximum 200 square feet/gallon to achieve results of nchrp report # 244. two (2) applications give better performance than one, a second (2nd) coat may be applied immediately after first (1st) coat is fully absorbed. packaging: one (1) gallon, five (5) gallon and fifty-four gallon (54) in 55 gallon drums. shelf life: 12 months when properly stored limitations: do not apply on or through standing water. material is not intended to seal moving cracks from moisture intrusion. feiyang -425 is not to be used to prevent leaks from hydrostatic pressure. do not apply at surface temperatures below 40°f. if possible, usetotal contents of container, once opened. store in unopened containers in a clean, dry area between 40 and 110°f (4 and 43°c). if material is to be stored after initial opening of container, be certain container is closed air tight. caution: combustible! contains organic solvent. avoid inhalation of vapor. may cause skin, eye or respiratory irritation ingestion may cause irritation. in case of contact, immediately flush eyes or skin with plenty of water for at least fifteen (15) minutes. call a physician in case of severe skin or eye irritation. wash clothing before re-use. discard contaminated shoes. wear protective clothing, goggles, and/or barrier creams.


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