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刷流水赚钱是真的吗structural steel weather resistant paint

Data Sheet:
specification Aliphatic Weather Resistant Polyurethane 1 . Uses Ideal for use as a finish coat for projects requiring weather resistance such as bridge maintenance painting. Applications: • Bridges • Hand rails • Structural steel • High visibility areas Acceptable for use in high performance architectural applications. Suitable for use in USDA inspected Facilities 2. Introduction This is a two-component coating with a combination of aliphatic resin(Part A) and HDI(Part B), specially formulated to provide excellent weather resistance, high solid content, easy to use paint for long-lasting protection.UV absorber,light stabilizer and other additive are also introduced into the system in order to get the high quality. 3.Specifications: Viscosity:600cps(30°C ) Solids Content: 53+±3% Hardness =2H Adhesion =Grade 2 Flexibility =2mm 4.Method of Application: Paint Ratio: Paint:Hardner:Thinner= 1:0.6-0.8:0.7-1 Application Viscosity: 10±1S(Coating Cup 4#,Spray) Application Solid Content:34% Method of application: Electrostatic spray, conventional spray (preferred), Brushing, use roller for small areas. Surfaces should be clean, dry and wax-free. Calculated Coverage: 10-12m2/kg (Actual data may also depend on the apply method, surface as well as other applied environment.) Drying Conditions: Temperature (?) Related Temperature% Touch Dry ( minutes) Hard Dry (hours) 25 <85 <25 <8 Other Consideration (1) Before use, stir well and wait for 10-15 mins for foam broken. (2)Close lid tightly after use. (3)Do not apply at 5°C or below and relative humidity not exceed 85% (4)Store in a cool, dry place. 5 Standards: China National Standard on Wood Coating China National CCC Obligated Environment Friendly Certification 6 Cautions: - This product is inflammable. Keep away from sparks and open flames. - Provide adequate ventilation during paint application. - Avoid skin contact and inhalation of spray mist. - If the product comes in contact with the skin, wash thoroughly with warm water and soap or suitable cleaner.


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