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刷流水赚钱是真的吗waterproofing polyurea elastomer


1. Waterproof-basement, water tank, central gardening, water pool, swimming pool, bathroom, 
     flower platform, roof waterproof, and reservoir, etc. the waterproof construction engineering 
     inside the buildings.
2. Ground foundation-Technology plant, hospital, food factory, pharmacy, shopping mall, parking 
     lot, dust-free room (wall surface of dust-free room), etc. infrastructure material.
3. Civil construction-road, bridge, buttresses, tunnel, yard, piping, steel tube, etc. waterproof, 
     rust-resistant, and anti-corrode coating.
4. Chemical-anti-acid/base tank, trash buying, wastes disposal ground, wastewater treatment 
     facilities, and ship steel plate.
5. Decoration-Tools or property, background/scenery, ceiling, water amusement facilities, etc. 
    anti-impact/shock protective materials.

Properties of product

1. Special superior wear-resistance, excellent anti-rupture, and high waterproof, and 
2. Easy and rapid for construction, applying dual-liquid high-pressure sprayer for planting, the 
    thickness required can be achieved speedily for re-coating effect.
3. Drying time is about 8 seconds, walking minutes within 24 hours to display its property.
4. Available for continuous spraying over vertical surface, bevel/rake surface, and top surface, and 
    it never causes a dropping. One time construction without seam, and one-piece forming to 
    shorten the time for construction. 
5. When construction, it is never affected by outside temperature and humidity, and can be 
    solidified under environmental temperature of -25℃.
6. It can resist against high temperature 1C,and low temperature -43℃. Besides, within a short 
    time and under high temperature 250℃,it never causes for cracking, and melting, etc.
7. 100% solidified component, it contains no organic solvent, poison-less, to meet the requirement 
    of environmental protection.
8. Excellent weather-resistant, anti-violet ray, good adhesive, never aging and cracking.

Methods of Construction

1. This product is to apply with high-pressurizing thermo unit and sprayer gun for coating. For 
    general pressure, pressure must be maintained at 1500-2500psi (100-170kg/cm2),and 
    temperature at 55-75℃ (131-167℉).
2. When coating with sprayer gun, the sprayer gun shall be kept vertical distance from management 
    land about 45-65cm,and with 50% overlapped parallel spraying to reach a uniform thickness.
3. If refilling is required, then refilling operation must be done 12 hours after coating. Dosage:
4. In the theory, for 1mm thickness, one gallon can cover the area 3.76m2.But, as the time of 
    spraying will be consumed, and for rough or uneven basic material surface, etc. factors, it is 
刷流水赚钱是真的吗     better to reserve 15-% space.

Requirement on land management and surface treatment

1. Concrete surface must be structured completely, clean, and flat. All extrudes must be ground, 
    and dent part must be refilled.
2. Any white mist, mold remover, care agent, concrete hardening agent, or other foreign articles 
    shall be eliminated first, and it must be completed before dent or crack refilling.
3. Any leaks for water leaking or penetrating shall be refilled until the water stops the leaking.
4. If land management shall not be met the requirement for construction, then it must be improved 
    before this spraying. Possibly, it includes sour washing, high-pressure water gun cleansing, or 
    high pressure air spraying or machine grinding, etc. depending on the actual condition.
5. This product shall not be applied for wet surface, and it is unable to be construction under 
    condition of water accumulated, water penetration or leaking, or concrete with high water 
    content. Meanwhile, as wet surface has poor adhesive force, so it is better to apply for 
    construction on the dry surface.
6. New concrete must be well maintained more than 28 days with less 8% water content before 
    construction, and if finish surface is over smooth, it is necessary to polish it with polisher for 
刷流水赚钱是真的吗     roughness.


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