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Polyurea Coating
Aliphatic Polyurea

Brushable Polyurea
Polyurea Rubber Coating
Polyurea Roof Coating Primer
Elastomeric Polyurea Binder for Joints, Nosing and Spall Repair Binder Polyurea
Pure Polyurea Elastomer Coating
Sprayable Aliphatic Polyurea Coating
High Performance Polyurea Urethane Primer
Waterproof Polyurea Elastomer

Polyurethane Coating
Sandable Sealer Basecoat
Coatings for musical instruments
Primers for wood
Coatings for kitchen cabinets
Lead and chrome free wood coatings
Fire retardant wood coatings
Coatings for furniture
Coatings for Speaker
Aliphatic Weather Resistant Polyurethane
Structural Steel Weather Resistant Paint
Acrylic Coating
Faster Drying Coatings
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Epoxy Coating
Structural Steel Epoxy Primer
Structural Steel Epoxy Top Coat
Epoxy Sealer
Floor Coating
Silane Penetrating Sealer
Epoxy Protective Coating
Flexible Epoxy Coating
Touch-Up Epoxy Rebar Coating
Moisture Tolerant Epoxy Primer
Corrosion Resistant Coating
Heat Resistant Coating
Elastomeric Cement Coating
Glass Flaked Epoxy Coating
Breathable Masonry Coating
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Texture Coatings

NC Coatings for furniture
Coatings for picture frames
Non toxic coatings
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Nitrocellulose coatings (NC) Coating
Lacquers for wood
Faux Finishing
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Waterborne Coating More......
Phenol Coating More......
Polyester Coating More......
Fire Proof Retardant Heat Resistance Coating More......
Fast Dry Cure Coating More......
Vinyl Coating More......
Acrylic Coating More......
Red Oxide Primer More......
Zinc Primer More......
Chlorinated Rubber Coating More......
Industry Protect Coating More.......
Alkyd Coating More......
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Feiyang Coating & Paint Co. Ltd(Honest Joy Holding Limited) . acquires years of invaluable experience.A wider range of manufacturing capabilities will naturally increase the Company's sales turnover. This lucrative business has also attracted other players into the market and having realised this threat. the Company continues to forge ahead, embarking into research and development in order to further improve contemporary fashion and design in this field. New products have also been introduced to consolidate the market share in this industry. including products such as UV lacquers which are expected to be widely used in the future.PPC has also acquired the technology and know-how of manufacturing other products which include raw materials for the purpose of coating materials. We have spent numerous resources in the recruitment of appropriate manpower and research personnel in our team in order to further improve and expand the range of products. As part of her expansion programme, the Company is committed in the manufacturing of raw material mainly for the following reasons:-1. lower cost in the manufacturing of finished goods 2. ability to capture bigger market share with wider range of products3. not being dependent on suppliers, who are especially inconsistent with their quality of raw materials4. better technical understanding with the availability of the manufacturing process.With this in mind, PPC has acquired polymerisation plant which is situated in our Shenzhen factory, manufacturing raw material water-based adhesives (PVAC and EVA based), alkyd resins, hot-melt adhesives, pressure adhesives, paint emulsions, epoxy resins and others. We strongly believe that with the availability of a wider range of products, we can have the competitive advantage over rival companies, PPC has now become a manufacturer of raw materials. This makes us the first company in China manufacturing raw materials for own consumption in the production of finished goods.Today as people are talking about mass capacity. ultra-violet (UV) technology is introduced into the coating industry. Although UV machines are fabricated to suit customer's requirements, many manufacturers face problems in the finishing after spending much money on UV machines. We have a special department for UV lacquers which consisted of overseas specialists. The department is able to provide guidance and technical advice.It has also been the Management policy to continue with the supply of quality products and in order to meet this requirement, we have incorporated quality assurance programme with stringent checks on raw materials and finished goods. In order to meet the demand in today's changing market place, we have a highly competent team of technical staff comprising qualified chemists and trained personnel who are innovative and outstanding in the formulating and upgrading of all our products. We also provide guidance and technical trouble-shooting so that we are able to meet all our customer requirements and needs.

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