Leading water based glass bottle coating, Peelable Aerosol Spray Rubber Coating Structural Steel Weather Resistant Coating/Paint/Lacquer Manufactory/Plant/Supplier in China
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Polyaspartic Polyurea Coating
Polyaspartic Polyurea

Brushable Polyurea
Polyurea Rubber Coating
Polyurea Roof Coating Primer
Elastomeric Polyurea Binder for Joints, Nosing and Spall Repair Binder Polyurea
Pure Polyurea Elastomer Coating
Sprayable Aliphatic Polyurea Coating
High Performance Polyurea Urethane Primer
Waterproof Polyurea Elastomer

Polyurethane Coating
Sandable Sealer Basecoat
Coatings for musical instruments
Primers for wood
Coatings for kitchen cabinets
Lead and chrome free wood coatings
Fire retardant wood coatings
Coatings for furniture
Coatings for Speaker
Aliphatic Weather Resistant Polyurethane
Structural Steel Weather Resistant Paint
Acrylic Coating
Faster Drying Coatings
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Epoxy Coating
Structural Steel Epoxy Primer
Structural Steel Epoxy Top Coat
Epoxy Sealer
Floor Coating
Silane Penetrating Sealer
Epoxy Protective Coating
Flexible Epoxy Coating
Touch-Up Epoxy Rebar Coating
Moisture Tolerant Epoxy Primer
Corrosion Resistant Coating
Heat Resistant Coating
Elastomeric Cement Coating
Glass Flaked Epoxy Coating
Breathable Masonry Coating
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Texture Coatings

NC Coatings for furniture
Coatings for picture frames
Non toxic coatings
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Nitrocellulose coatings (NC) Coating
Lacquers for wood
Faux Finishing
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Nitrocellulose CoatingS More......


Waterborne Coating More......
Phenol Coating More......
Polyester Coating More......
Fire Proof Retardant Heat Resistance Coating More......
Fast Dry Cure Coating More......
Vinyl Coating More......
Acrylic Coating More......
Red Oxide Primer More......
Zinc Primer More......
Chlorinated Rubber Coating More......
Industry Protect Coating More.......
Alkyd Coating More......
Other Coatings More......

Feiyang Coating & Paint Co. Ltd (Honest Joy Holdings Limited). acquires years of invaluable experience, we specializes in manufacturing of superior quality lacquers, coatings and solvent-based adhesives. Our factory in Shenzhen, South China (adjacent city of Hongkong) presently produces PU paint/coating, UV paint/coating, High-heat Resistance paint/coating, Sprayable paint/coating. Having acquired 16 years of invaluable experience, we are able to formulate lacquers to suit customer's spraying equipment like disc spray, automatic spray and robotics spray. HJ also possesses the manufacturing ability and technical know-how of producing furniture paint and lacquers, having instilled western technologies in the production process. The Company has come to realise that the selling of only solvent-based paint/coating is not sufficient and has therefore decided to utilise our expertise and knowledge in coatings in the manufacturing of the following products :

1. Polyester Lacquer (PE Lacquer)
2. Polyurethane Lacquer (PU Lacquer)
3. Acid Curing Lacquer (AC Lacquer)
4. Nitrocellulose Lacquer (NC Lacquer)
5. Colour Paints
6. Wood Filler and others
7. Epoxy Coating
8. Others: UV. Acrylic etc

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